Scuderia Sant'Andrea

The Sant' Andrea Stable was founded in the fourtys from ing. Alberto Campanini and contributed to write the history of the Italian Trotter in breeding and racing several classic winners, among those…..and in recent years…..
In the nintys the farm moved in a 130 acres land in Bogno part of Besozzo village, where nowadays the facility count fifteen broodmares.
The breeding farm is located between the Lake Maggiore and the Lake of Varese, nord of the Lake of Monate, at only 60 Km. from Milan, in an uncontaminated wooded area, natural springs and brooks crossing all over the property.
The weanlings overnight in the stable during the winter season, while stay on the pasture day and night from spring to late summer, starting the training period for the autumn sales.
The whole production is presented to the italian auction, with the exception of selected females to be destined to breeding purpose.
The weanlings from the beginning are followed with the maximum care, with defined food programs.