Scuderia Sant'Andrea
Scuderia Sant'Andrea is a breading farm founded in the 40's by Ing. Alberto Campanini, in this long time of activity the farm contributed in writing the history of the italian breeding farms. In these years the farm bred different horses such as: Negrotto (Europa), Scrivia (Campionato Europeo), Agrio (Città di Trieste), Carbonio (Italia, Città di Napoli), Ittrio (Continentale), Quinterio (Giovanardi), Uranio (Derby), Fruttuosio (Inverno), Nitria (Orsi Mangelli Filly), Tamia (Oaks), Assedio (Veneto), Etrurio (Città di Torino), Mania (Allevatori, Europa Filly), Orsia (Orsi Mangelli Filly, Città di Torino, Regione Campania, Triossi, Continentale, Royal Mares, Gala' Internazionale, Grassi, Due Mari, Città di Montecatini, Campionato Europeo, Freccia d'Europa), Prussia (Europa Filly, Città di Follonica, Continentale Filly, Regione Campania, Turilli, Nazioni), Vitruvio (Breeders Course, Città di Napoli, Orsi Mangelli, Città di Torino, Unione Europea, Triossi, Continentale, G. Biasuzzi), Valdivia (Nazionale Filly, Marangoni Filly, Città di Padova).
In the 90's the farm moved to Bogno di Besozzo, a little place between the Maggiore and Varese Lakes and at only 60 kilometres from Milano. This an uncontaminated wooded area ,surrounded by natural springs and creeks that are running all over the farm that is about 130 acres. Today the facility counts nearly twenty mares and more less 12 yearling each year.
Our horses from the beginning are followed with the maximum care, including defined food programs.
The weanlings are staying in pastures all the year, apart from different circumstances among the winter. In late summer the sale preparation begins, we use to present part of our production to the auctions, with the exception of selected females to be destined to breeding aim.